Fractured Moonlight by missmichellebelle

Summary: Red hair that twists and waves in the movement of the water, features so angular that Mickey can only identify them as alien, and a pale naked torso that disappears into a long, scaled fish tail. It’s a fucking mermaid.

Words: 5818

Thoughts: This is part of the Tropetember series and what can I say? Mermaid!Ian for godsake, do you know how awesome that is? Among the series this fic is the one that most haunts me because the interaction between Mickey and Ian though nonverbal, but the tension! I even feel the strain in my eyeballs reading it because of how tense and deep Ian’s stare is I LOVE IT! And the prospect of the etheral state of Ian (I mean that boy is just beautiful and I can just perfectly picture him as a mermaid) just makes me love him more. His childlike wonder, his obvious joy and excitement when Mickey is around, just everything about that fic blows my mind and best part? I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE IT’S GOING! I’ve talked to the author and she said that this fic is definitely one which she is going to continue after tropetember!

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I live for the way Ian and Mickey turn their heads to follow each other.

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If fame happens, so be it, but that’s not ever something that is driving me.
If fame happens, so be it, but that’s not ever something that is driving me.
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This is my new little ficlet with nurse!cas and loopy-on-painkillers patient!dean! In exchange Sophia made some fantastic fanart of Cas’ coat which is super amazing! (I’ll post the link to it as soon as it’s up!)

The first thing Dean noticed when he opened his eyes was blue. He wondered for a moment if he was outside looking up at a cloudless sky, but there was an insistent beeping that he was fairly certain you didn’t hear in nature.

“Ah, Mr. Winchester, you’re awake.” He was fairly certain that sexy, gravelly voices also weren’t a normal soundtrack to the peaceful outdoors.

Dean blinked a couple of times until his vision cleared and realized that what he had mistaken for the sky was actually a pair of scrubs being worn by a man very much befitting of the aforementioned sexy voice. Dark, just-rolled-out-of-bed hair, perfectly sculpted (if a little chapped) lips, and the eyes—oh god, if the scrubs had been the sky, his eyes were the universe, swirling shades of blue forming galaxies within the bright orbs.

“Are you an angel?” Dean asked in a slur.

Chapped lips turned up in a small grin, a puff of laughter to accompany the motion. “Just your nurse, I’m afraid. You can call me Cas. We’ll just chalk that up to the painkillers, shall we?”

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Is There A Mirror In Your Pants? (I Think I Can See Myself In Them) by joidianne4eva

Summary: “Hey Mickey, could you look over there?” Ian asked and Mickey frowned but turned to see what the redhead was pointing at.

“Jesus, look at that ass!”

Mickey could feel every muscle in his body lock at the words while Mandy cackled like a fucking hyena.

“Ian fucking Gallagher…” he started as he turned back around but the blinding grin on Ian’s face made the insult, he’d been meaning to give, die on his tongue.

“My middle name’s not fucking but for you it could be,” Ian muttered, looking damn proud of himself despite Mickey’s glare.


Thoughts: THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A FLUFFY FIC BUT WHY ARE THERE TEARS IN MY EYES? This fic is perfect! It’s so short and yet it encompassed everything I love in Gallavich. Dorky!Ian and Blushing!Mickey fuck, too adorable for words I almost puke but at the same time it’s so tear jerking fuckity fuck! I love it!

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[angry and arouse]

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